We return to in-person classes in the Dance Place Theater! Fall In-Person Session: November 1st to December 13th.

We will tear through space. We will dance in a big circle. We will all go left at the same time. We will be party to Kate Folsom’s jokes and actually hear each other laugh out loud, instead of see muppet mouths on Zoom. We might scream, and shout, and cry for joy. We’ll definitely skip. We might scream, and shout, and cry for collective grief processing. We’ll definitely kick ball change. We will shmooze before and after class. We will make extra sighs and groans that we’ve gotten used to making my ourselves in our own spaces. It will be everything. And it will also be the most average Monday night. It will be a reunion with friends. It will be a reunion with your dancer self. Sometimes reunions are overwhelming, so we’ll have some extra space for underwhelm. But…like…may I have this next dance with you? Really, really with you?

Vaccination and mask required. Class is limited to 20 dancers, so make sure to register early!

Register Here