Fall Virtual Session: September 13th to October 25th. Get a Zoom Link by going to danceplace.org to sign up for class on MindBody at least 15 minutes prior to the start time. 

This class is a practice of social modern dance: a combination of social consciousness, communal tune-in, and the invitation for each individual to dance their own history and get what they need in the moment. We partake of great modern traditions such as rebellion, exploration, and unabashed breaks with convention. And we shift, change, and pivot in response to the now. We sweat, we dance hardhardhard, we chase joy, and we honor islands of space. 

Virtual classes last 75 minutes and generally include 3-4 movement phrases that take us from warm-up to full-bodied, pelvis-and-heart-motored movement. Phrases overlap week to week so that there’s always a combo of old and new material – creating an excellent regular practice or drop-in space for old friends and Zoom boxes framing new names and faces. Camera on or off, all are welcome!