Monday Nights are for jigglewiggle, super She-Ra, WitchyNotBitchy, you catch me/I’ll catch you vibes. We take up space. We rock gently. We fly. We plummet. We get lost, then circle back up. We change, ring the bell, wax philosophic, tell jokes, and then wield deepest plies, revved-up pelvii, luscious grounding, and wild abandon at full tilt. We soften, we elaborate, we are flair and flame, but also loving the same sameness of weekly dance ritual. It’s pleasant inside smush + dance your heart out. It’s for you. It’s for me. It’s only for us. Oh, and there’s really fu#&ing great music. 

This class stems from the African diasporic traditions of community, groundedness, splay, full-bodied expression, and the fluid, necessary role shifting between witness and participant – in concert with European and American traditions of modern, modern with all the posts, tanztheater, AND all the contemporary fusions contributed by your dancing presence in the space. We generally do plies, tendus, and a leg warmup before moving across the floor, and finishing with an ongoing phrase. You’ll find classical hallmarks if you’re looking, but you can also take class like you’re careening around some California cliffs in a vintage corvette – bringing a love of adventure sans tactical logistics. The advanced dancer will be challenged. The intermediate dancer will enjoy multiple points of entry. And the newcomer will be warmly welcomed. 

Class starts with a Land, Music, and Movement Acknowledgement and ends in Carla Perlo’s Dance Place class tradition of clapping 6/4/3 to close the practice, but open the week ahead. Please join us!