Parent artist residencies through GALLIM and Marble House Project in June and July, respectively. While in each residence, with the whole family in tow, I’ll be working on Wolver Maroon – the middle-age follow up to Snake Telegram, and the second installment in a career-spanning triptych. 

As a Mother, I’m undone and remade in pieces and impressions. My skin is textured out of tiny handprints, bite marks, and need.  I wear my once-up-there-now-down-here flesh with pride, but I am part ghost (apparating maternal solvents in isolation), part traces of recent ambition, part first-aid kit for existential whys. I’m curious about the intersections of mother and boss motherfucker. I want to howl at a blood moon as liberation, not escape: classic silhouette profile meets incisor rebate.
Wolver Maroon is a dancetheater work embodied in layers of Woman as artist, mother, object craven need, abject compromise lead, and howling animal. Are her breasts serving armour or sexual amour? Is she shedding that skin for growth, or is motherhood in the patriarchy an abrasively effective loofah? How do you keep a kid alive in a house with knives, and how can we apply these lessons to a world with more mass shootings than women CEOs? My residencies will grapple with these research questions.