Many Extra Only More is a large-scale, big-cast, site-specific work for Extra Space Storage.


Many Extra Only More is the unabashed flamboyance of the DMV dance community: we are here! It is the search for joy in liminal spaces: we persist! It is a communal holler, shout, and shake it all about that will fill an openopen glass facade with quirky-luscious, exuberant dance, before spilling out onto the street with infectious “dip me, twirl me” energy that invites appointment viewers and passersby to cut themselves a rug and a piece of some happy pie.

Many Extra Only More is sight for sore computer eyes, with an eye for doors and windows. Turning the inside out. Rolling reveals of beautiful innards. Cordial invite and extended hand, but make it deliciously irresistible with endless surprise – like unwrapping so many presents.

It is a dance me, dance you, dance us giddy celebration.

See you in July!