The one-day Colloquy will convene with an exciting cross section of DMV college dancers and student leaders invested in the theme: Dance in 45’s America. Participants will take master classes, lead discussions, perform, and network with DMV professionals who employ, curate, and mentor dance artists.

9-9.45am: Dance Place open for Colloquy Registration. Pastries and Coffee provided.
9.45-10: Opening Remarks
10.05-11.30: Contemporary with Sarah Beth Oppenheim
11.45-1: Choose from Hip Hop with Jonathan Hsu or Gaga/dancers with Candace Scarborough
1-2: Food for Thought Lunch with DMV professionals (casual talk and chew)
Lunch Provided
2-3: Choose from Creative Process Workshops with Hayley Cutler (darlingdance)  Matt Reeves and Colette Krogol (Orange Grove Dance) or Sarah Beth Oppenheim (Heart Stück Bernie)
3.15-4.15: Panel Discussion with DMV Professionals, led by Olivia Weber
4.30-5.30: Yoga Cool Down with Sadie Leigh
5.30-7: Dinner Break and Tech Time for Student Performances and Pitches
Participants are on their own for Dinner in Brookland.
7-7.30: Mentor/Mentee Speed Dating
7.30: Student Performance, followed by Facilitated Community Discussion led by Vyette Tiya
Open to the public for $5

8.45: End of Day